Cara Menentukan Ketulenan Molasses/Gula Merah

There is an easy way how you could determine the batch of molasses you are using now is concentrated and pure, or 30% diluted or maybe more. Measure their Specific Gravity (SG) in kg/L unit.

How do you know it is not diluted?
You see, sometimes when we bought a liter of molasses especially for those who want to make EM Activated Solution (EMAS), we wonder either it is a concentrated liquid or diluted molasses. Some vendors might add 20%-40% water into molasses before they bottled it. It is good for you to know which vendor is genuine especially if you think it is difficult to get pure molasses around the town.

One good indication is by measuring the SG. SG is actually comparison of any material’s density with water density…read more

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