How do you determine the price and quality for bat guano fertilizer? We use CEC (Cationic Exchange Capacity) to measure quality for zeolite, or Specific Gravity (SG) to determine genuineness of molasses. How do you know the bat guano fertilizer you are using now is as good as the price?

Ask for Pure Guano Percentage in The Compost
The price of bat guano depends on percentage of pure guano in the fertilizer. We can divide bat guano into two types:

1. pure 100% guano
2. guano with rock phoshate

1. Pure Bat Guano
This is 100% bat guano with no impurity of cave’s dust/soil. Pure guano is as moist as chicken dropping. Dark in colour, very moist, pungent smell. They accumulates at the top of the cave’s floor which do not mix with the floor dust. The price is about 2-3 times higher than standard market price for bat guano….read more