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Even if some critics say that organic farming cannot provide the same high yields as chemical farming, the organic farmers argue that at least their land is safe; that they have not invested in buying the chemicals and increasing their cost of cultivation.
“If you look at the suicides by farmers, then you will understand that all those farmers who committed suicides have built up huge debts.

The debts kept growing because of borrowing at high interest rates for buying these chemicals which promised to increase the yield. In the end, it only increased their debts,” she explains.Ginger garlic extract  

“If only farmers use safer and natural pest repellents and manures then where is the question of debt and suicides,?” she enquires.

She has been using only organic manures and bio-repellents made from locally available resources.



Another tried and proven mixture she uses is ginger garlic extract (called inji poondu karaisal in Tamil). About 1 gm of ginger and garlic each, 2gm of green chilli and 5 litres of cow’s urine and water are taken. The garlic, ginger and green chilli are ground into a paste and mixed with cow’s urine and water. After 10 days the mixture is filtered and used.

The prescribed quantity is about 500 ml of this solution diluted in 10 litres of water which can be sprayed over the plants.


Ginger, garlic, and chilli
(Sridhar; et. al. 2002: p. 33)

25 grams of ginger
50 grams of garlic
25 grams of green chili
10 ml of kerosene
12 ml of soap
3 liters of water
Soak garlic in kerosene overnight.Grind and make into a paste.Add 50 ml water to chili, grind, make into a paste.Grind ginger and make into a
paste as well.Mix all ingredients into the water.Add soap.Filter the extract.
Stir well before spraying.Spray on infested plants thoroughly. Controls Aphids, Armyworm,Bollworm, Caterpillars, Fruit borer,Leaf miner,Shoot borer,Thrips,Whiteflies.



Ginger, Garlic and Chilli Extract

This recipe is a mixture of 3 plant extracts. 1 kg of Garlic should be immersed in 100 ml kerosene and kept overnight. Next day, the outer skin should be removed and made into a paste. In another vessel, ½ kg chilly should be mixed with 50 ml water and made into a paste. Likewise ½ kg of ginger should be made into a paste. All the three mixtures should be mixed together with 100 litres of water and 50 grams soap solution as emulsifier. This mixture should be stirred well and filtered before spraying. The above quantity is needed for an acre. Allicin present in garlic serves as a repellent and capcicin in chilli serves as a pesticide.


Dari sebuah jurnal di :

Nematicidal Action of Some Edible Crops

Authors: Sukul, N.C.1; Das, P.K.1; De, G.C.1

Source: Nematologica, Volume 20, Number 2, 1974 , pp. 187-191(5)

Publisher: BRILL


Extracts of ginger, garlic and chilli pepper showed strong nematicidal action by killing Meloidogyne incognita and other species of soil nematodes in 40 min. Ladies’ finger plants inoculated with M. incognita and then treated with the aqueous extracts of these plant materials showed marked increase in growth and decreased root galling. The population of M. incognita was considerably reduced in the pots treated with the plant extracts. The garlic extract was highly phytocidal but most effective in reducing Meloidogyne infestation of ladies’ finger. Ginger showed mild phytotoxicity and capsicum none. Besides their nematicidal activity the plant extracts served as a manure.

oleh sebab para peserta lebih berminat menjadikan OHN ginger-garlic ni sebagai biopestisid berbanding baja dan rawatan kulat, maka saya sertakan modifikasi ini.
Saya sendiri telah mencuba OHN sebagai biopestisid, kesannya agak perlahan dan kurang efektif kecuali agak pekat. Tetapi untuk merawat penyakit kulat pada haiwan, kesannya amat positif untuk 1-2kali penggunaan.
biopestisid yang dibuat daripada EM5 adalah dengan memasukkan halia/bwg putih kedalam EMAS dan diperam semalaman sebelum digunakan. saya mendapati ia juga kurang berkesan untuk mengawal afid.
mungkin rakan-rakan ada pendapat lain