this post has been republished on 12 April 2009, indicating the rebirth of new Bokashi farmer.



hi, visitor 🙂

actually, i never thought my blog will be visited immediately after published. this blog is officially launch on the 24th of May 2007, but i’m very surprise to get Al Bokashiman to commented on this first post!

i’ve been reading his blog since im searching for information regarding on bokashi, EM and related article. i never imagine Al would reach this blog and give support. that really boost my motivation. thank you Al. that means a lot.

well, i thought no Malaysian will discover the existance of this blog as long as i didn’t start promoting. i was right. little did i know, two dozens of readers discovered this blog in the first place. i forgot that technology is a powerful tool.

at first i wanted to make my presentations in english, however i prefer to write in Malay as to give more understanding to different group of malaysian readers. maybe one day i wrote it in english.

to all friends, welcome to the bokashi farmer :).